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Your Solid, Results-Oriented Lawyer in the Baltimore Metro

What is the best way to resolve your legal problem? The answer is different for every client and every situation. At the office of Timothy J. Mummert, P.A., we will work closely with you to find the best way to handle a tough challenge.

Leveraging sound knowledge across a range of legal practice areas, we will answer your questions thoughtfully and listen closely to your concerns to determine the best course of action. Your decision to contact us can begin a helpful step-by-step process of defining your goals and considering a path to favorable resolution that may include:

  • Negotiation with your divorcing spouse or ex-spouse’s legal counsel, opponent in a business dispute, mortgage lender, or the authorities who will decide your fate in a DUI, traffic or other criminal defense case
  • Solid action to legally form, protect or dissolve your business, complete an adoption (for an opposite-sex or same-sex couple), attain debt relief through bankruptcy or plan your estate with the goal of protecting your assets and heirs
  • Mediation — a dispute resolution approach often effective for resolving divorce and other family law disputes and some business problems
  • Collaborative law proceedings, with both parties and their attorneys agreeing to work in good faith toward resolution of a problem outside the Maryland court system
  • Litigation when solutions cannot be reached amicably out of court and you need an attorney who will fight at trial to protect your rights and target positive results

Genuine Interest in You and Your Positive Future

Our attorney, Timothy J. Mummert, is adept across this range of conflict resolution techniques and keeps a focused goal in mind: protecting and advancing your best interests, whatever legal issue you are facing. We will offer you clear options and tailor our approach to suit your unique needs and goals. You may also benefit from our excellent connections to specialists in other professions and our effective use of current technology.

We are highly responsive and conscious of your financial situation. Whether you need criminal defense because of a DUI or other charge, an advocate for your family or business dispute, or a lawyer who offers solid estate planning solutions, call or contact us online today. For Your convenience and personal flexibility, we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards.

Why Choose Us

  • Strong Background in Family Law
  • 9.1 Avo Rating
  • Avvo Top Contributor
  • Experience in Business and Financial Matters
  • Energetic Attorney
  • Results-Oriented Attorney
  • Circuit Court Panel Mediator