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For some people, an official payment plan to repay unmanageable debts is a better alternative than filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to discharge debts. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a workable alternative when you have debts that cannot be discharged under Chapter 7, when you want to pay a portion of your debts and for other reasons your Mummert Law Firm attorney can offer.

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Maryland clients who want to continue to repay debt, but need reduced payments or other relief, seek help from the Mummert Law Firm, in Glen Burnie and Columbia, MD. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys have many options for you to consider, including Chapter 13 reorganization and payment plans. We are dedicated to putting our clients first, protecting them and their families under the laws of Maryland and the U.S.

Attorney Timothy Mummert

At Mummert Law Firm, Attorney Timothy Mummert is always interested in helping clients who are struggling with debt issues. He has many alternative solutions for solving a debt crisis, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, the most commonly chosen options. He works closely with each client to develop legal solutions that fit their individual needs, because he understands that there are no blanket solutions when it comes to debt. Your case is unique, and you deserve the personal attention and care that you receive at our law firm.

Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many Maryland consumers and businesses run into debt payment difficulties and seek relief through Bankruptcy. For those debtors who opt for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the Court will dictate a payment plan of either 36 or 60 months for debt repayment. You will need to repay a portion of your unsecured debt and other bills, according to your income capabilities as determined by the Court. You may use this to address priority tax debt, mortgage arrears, back child support payments and more. Your first payment would be due in 30 days after you file Chapter 13.

It is important to seek help from your Maryland Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer who is experienced with properly filling out this form, so you do not overpay. Contact our Glen Burnie or Columbia, MD, law office today to arrange for your first consultation about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Call us at (410) 766-1100.

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