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Most business people succeed by knowing their own strengths and staying intently focused on planning and their core operations. Especially in a challenging economy, it can be tempting to rely on someone else’s lawyer, make do with business contract “templates,” or enter key business contracts without an in-depth understanding of all the risks and opportunities.

From business leases to non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, it can be critical to work with an attorney who understands your goals and sees benefits and risks you may not recognize. We encourage you to contact us today for an engaged, no-pressure consultation with skilled attorney and former business owner Timothy J. Mummert.

Sound Counsel on Key Decisions Throughout the Life of Your Maryland Business

We focus on helping entrepreneurs and business partners make solid decisions from business formation onward. Our knowledge of business contracts covers the spectrum of key issues, and we have many solid, longstanding relationships with CPAs, tax specialists and other experts who can clarify complex issues and help us find the ideal approach to help you build and maintain profitability without unacceptable risk.

We frequently assist our valued business clients through:

  • Commercial lease negotiations or drafting, with an emphasis on fairness and protection of your rights that goes well beyond haggling over rent
  • Review or drafting of employment and partnership/operating agreements including non-compete agreements, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), and other vitally important contracts
  • Providing ongoing consulting services to help you anticipate future business contract needs, avoid unnecessary financial risks and manage the cost of essential legal services

A Word About “Form” Contracts

At their inception, many businesses may try to cut costs and use form contracts found on the Internet, without consulting with an attorney to make sure their interests are protected. Using Internet form contracts may lead to issues down the road because many such forms do not address issues critical to your business, and further, they may not be recognized under Maryland law. A good practice is to consult a Maryland attorney regarding your proposed contract. Tim Mummert has a wealth of experience drafting contract for a number industries. He can advise you on how to protect your interests, provide plain language for your contract and help minimize risks to your business.

A Constant Emphasis on Personal Asset Protection and Efficient Services

Just as prenuptial and other marital agreements often contribute to confidence and security in a marriage, knowing your interests in a business are protected by sound legal contracts can help keep your business solvent and profitable. To start building a relationship with a lawyer who will actively engage with you and invest energy in your success, please request a consultation with Timothy J. Mummert today.

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