Divorce Mediation

Open and Impartial Mediation Services in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Divorce is never a comfortable process. At Timothy J. Mummert, PA, we are here to help you guide you and your spouse through these difficult times. A mediator acts as a third party neutral so that one spouse’s needs of one over the other. During the process, the parties discuss various property, financial, child custody, visitation, child access, and other issues incident to the marital relationship with the goal of reaching a final agreement.

Our divorce mediation services have the following characteristics:

  • Confidential
  • Less expensive than going to court
  • Control is in your hands
  • Improves communication

Our comfortable office is designed to encourage communication and openness. We help the parties explore alternatives that will benefit everyone involved encouraging the parties to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We can help make the process smooth and pain-free. For divorce mediation service, call our Columbia attorney at (410) 766-1100

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