Post-Divorce Modifications

Lawyer for Post-Divorce Modifications in Glen Burnie, Maryland

So many things can change dramatically in the years after your divorce. In recent years, adversity and volatility in the economy have altered circumstances for nearly everyone across Maryland — including a vast range of divorced parents who pay or depend on child support. In other situations, a child’s needs change in important ways or a parent becomes incapable of providing proper care.

The orders set down at the time of your divorce are legally binding. Many of the terms in the Marital Settlement Agreements and Separation Agreements are not subject to modification. But the reality of our economic situation may dictate a need for a modification. If you believe a substantial change in your situation justifies a post-divorce modification, please contact us now.Fast action may be critical, and you can depend on prompt, personal attention from experienced lawyer Timothy J. Mummert.

Helping You Deal with Income Changes and Issues with Children

Family law has long been a focus at our Baltimore-area firm, and we can readily assess whether you may be able to get a post-divorce modification. Attorney Mummert’s experience spans the evaluation and legal procedures necessary for post-divorce modifications of:

  • Child support — when either parent’s income changes substantially due to a job loss or job change, or due to a major change in children’s needs
  • Child custody and visitation — including situations involving parental relocation, development of a disability, or children being endangered by abuse or substance addiction
  • Alimony, sometimes called spousal support or maintenance
  • Property settlement – including adjustments in marital property awards such as use and possession of property and when / how to sell property such as a home, based on changes in child custody or visitation

In all our areas of practice, we put our clients’ needs first and seek the most cost-effective approach to getting targeted results. You can count on attorney Mummert for straight answers and compassionate counsel, whether we believe you have a solid case for a post-divorce modification or not.

Offering the Legal Information and Caring Counsel You Need Now

It is important to recognize that, unless and until you seek a formal post-judgment modification, you can be held legally accountable to all the terms of your divorce settlement. For some people, delays result in extremely negative consequences that may be personal or financial. We encourage you to act today to learn your legal rights.

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