Student Loan Relief in Glen Burnie, Maryland

When people have a lot of student loan debt they don’t feel they can repay, they may turn to a Maryland student loan relief lawyer to see about filing bankruptcy. However, there are only very rare situations in which student loan debt can be discharged. Generally, you have to pay back what you borrowed when you went to college.

How Chapter 13 and the Mummert Law Firm Can Help You

You’re not completely stuck if you’re worried about the debt you have from student loans. The Mummert Law Firm may be able to help you get Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. It won’t remove your debt, but it will give you an opportunity to reinstate a loan that’s in default, pay it off in bankruptcy, and have more control over the size of your payment.

Even that can help people who are struggling, especially if they have gotten behind and are having trouble getting caught up. You’ll still need to pay interest, but you’ll have a lower fixed payment and be able to negotiate with the company that holds your student loan. That can also help you rebuild your credit.

Work With Your Loan Company First

While Attorney Timothy Mummert will be happy to see if he can help you, it’s important for you to work with your loan company before you consider a Maryland student loan relief lawyer. Some student loan companies are much more willing to help their debtors than others are. It’s always best to work with your creditors, but it may not always reach a conclusion that’s acceptable to both parties.

If you can’t pay what’s being asked of you, your student loans are large, and you’ve tried talking to the company without any results, give us a call. We focus on putting our clients first, and we may be able to help you get the relief you need from excessive student loan payments and companies that won’t work with you on a payment plan.

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