Power of Attorney

Power of attorney gives someone else the power to act in your place. You may find yourself in need of this due to an accident, illness or the impact of your age. If you can’t manage your own financial or medical affairs, a Maryland power of attorney lawyer, like Attorney Timothy Mummert, can help.

In most cases, power of attorney falls into two basic categories: financial power of attorney and advance medical directive. The team at the Mummert Law Firm is ready to help you understand the differences between and need for these.

What Is a Financial Power of Attorney?

You may face a situation in the future wherein you are no longer capable of managing your finances well. For example, an elderly individual may be a prime target for scammers or greedy relatives who are more than eager to take their financial resources. A financial power of attorney gives another trustworthy individual the right to manage your finances on your behalf, with your guidance, to help protect against these problems.

What Is an Advance Medical Directive?

Financial power of attorney only gives the individual the right to oversee your financial affairs when you cannot do so. Sometimes, in the case of someone who has suffered a catastrophic brain injury, you may face medical decisions that you do not have the capacity to make. An advance medical directive dictates someone who has the power to make those decisions on your behalf in the event that you can’t. because this goes into afect when you are incapacitated, you need to have one in place while you are still in good health.

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Whether you need a financial power of attorney or are planning for the potential need for an advance medical directive, you need the services of a Maryland power of attorney lawyer. The team at Mummert Law Firm is dedicated to putting our clients first, and we will work hard to keep your interests in mind at all times. Contact Attorney Timothy Mummert today at 410-766-1100 to create these vital documents, so you can be ready for whatever the future throws your way.

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