Business Dissolution

Business Dissolution Lawyer in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Protecting Your Financial and Personal Interests in Maryland

The pressures of owning and running a small business are constant, and few people are able to think carefully in advance about how to handle “business divorce,” dissolution and divestiture. It is common for disputes to arise and major concerns about assets and personal liability to surface.

If the time has come for you to execute a business dissolution in the Anne Arundel County, Howard County, or the Baltimore Metro area, you can turn to us at the law office of Timothy J. Mummert, P.A. Tim Mummert uses his own business ownership experience, which included a partnership dissolution, when assisting you to with your situation.

Valuing Assets and Working Resourcefully to Limit Future Liability

We understand that both financial and personal concerns may be important to you in a business dissolution. We are prepared to hear you out and offer in-depth, straightforward counsel on matters including:

  • Fair and equitable division of valuable business assets — as well as debts and other liabilities your business has incurred
  • Targeting amicable, just resolution of a partnership dispute when shares and interests are held by two or more business partners
  • Interpreting all existing legal agreements, including personal guarantees, and coming to terms on a business dissolution that protects your own and your family’s future
  • Keeping doors open for a new venture and business formation by minimizing alienation of customers and helping you avoid unnecessary liabilities

Work with an Innovative, Personable and Well-Connected Business Lawyer

We prioritize building ongoing relationships with our business customers, whether helping them through a business dispute or delivering ongoing consulting and contract drafting-and-negotiation services. Recognizing that the vast majority of business dissolution disputes are settled without litigation, and that litigation will be financially, emotionally, and time costly, we offer complete negotiation and mediation services aimed at resolving key issues including asset valuation and future ownership of real and intellectual property.

If disputes arise in the dissolution of the business, the collaborative practice presents a unique opportunity for parties to take control of their dispute and reach a resolution based on their own terms. Much like the collaborative divorce process in family law, the application to business disputes allows parties to be active participants in reaching an accord, and helps preserve relationships that would otherwise be irreparable after traditional litigation.

In all we do, we respect your time and your financial priorities. You will find Timothy J. Mummert savvy, knowledgeable and highly responsive. If a Baltimore-area business divorce/dissolution has become necessary for any reason, please contact us for help making and moving forward with the soundest possible decisions.

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