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Financially Sound Divorce Representation in the Baltimore Area

When you are facing divorce, thinking about property division and all the other changes that will impact your life can be overwhelming. It is essential to have a financially savvy lawyer who will help you defend both your interests and those of any children involved.

Our versatile, modern law practice is focused on finding the optimum approach to asset protection and property division in each divorce case. For personal attention and focused representation, please contact the law office of Timothy Mummert, P.A.

Committed to Achieving Fair Financial Outcomes and Divorce with Dignity

Adversarial actions and trials are not the only ways to resolve legal issues. Even when conflict exists over marital assets, we often find an approach that leads to fair compromise. Timothy J. Mummert will help you determine if mediation or a collaborative law is right for you and explain the benefits and risks of each method. Tim Mummert can also help you negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer outside of mediation and collaborative law to obtain a Marital Settlement Agreement, or Separation Agreement, dividing the marital property.

We apply great care in establishing an inventory of all your marital assets, as well as those that must be treated as separate property not subject to division. Tim Mummert can address all your concerns involving assets such as:

  • Your family home or other real property, and the division of either equity or outstanding marital debt
  • IRAs, 401(k) plans and other retirement accounts, pensions and other investments
  • Your family business or shared interests in a professional practice

If negotiations simply cannot work in your case (because of an unreasonable spouse, for example) we know how to handle this difficult situation. Attorney Timothy J. Mummert knows Baltimore-area family courts well. If you have not hired him as a collaborative lawyer, he is prepared to fight for you at trial, if needed.

Our knowledge of other practice areas, such as bankruptcy and foreclosures and business law, can be of tremendous benefit to you. Working with our firm means you will not have to find another lawyer to rework your will or trust,for example, and we can coordinate debt relief solutions with other legal concerns.

A Well-Connected, Collaborative Attorney who Deals with the Big Picture

If your divorce calls for the services of a business valuation expert, financial planner, forensic accountant or other professional service providers, we have longstanding connections to resources you can trust. If you are looking for a Maryland lawyer who will keep your financial interests in constant view, please call or e-mail us today.

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