Contested Adoptions

The Mummert Law Firm, with offices in Anne Arundel and Howard counties, focuses their practice on adoption law. The experienced adoption attorneys at the Mummert Law Firm have helped many families through the complicated process of adoption. Our attorneys have experience helping families with a wide range of adoption proceedings, ranging from simple, uncontested cases to more complex, contested adoptions.

Adoption Attorney Timothy Mummert

Attorney Timothy Mummert focuses his practice on adoption law with a special concentration on contested adoptions. He recognizes that every family is unique, requiring personalized guidance on how to resolve their adoption case quickly and efficiently. Through his years of experience, he has learned that knowledge and compassion are key in guiding families through a contested adoption.

Contested Adoptions

Some adoptions are fairly simple; others are very complicated. In order for an adoption to take place, one or both of the natural parents must consent to give up his or her paternal rights. A contested adoption is an adoption in which one or both natural parents do not grant consent, either because they refuse to sign the Consent to the Adoption form or they cannot be located.

Maryland adoption lawyer Timothy Mummert will file a Petition for Adoption on your behalf and continue to fight for your rights in court. The outcome of your case depends on several factors, including whether the natural parent objects to the petition, whether it is in the best interest of the child to be in your care, and whether the natural parent is unfit to act as parent.

Attorney Timothy Mummert understands that contested adoptions can be heated and emotional. That is why he strives to explain all your options and successfully resolve your case as soon as possible. If you are considering adopting a child and suspect one or both of the natural parents may not grant consent, contact our adoption law firm. Obtaining the counsel of an experienced adoption attorney can be the first step to a successful adoption and creating the best environment for a child.

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