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Resourceful DUI Defense Lawyer in Glen Burnie and Columbia, Maryland

Anyone who drinks alcohol or indulges in other drugs and then drives can suffer the shock of an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Enforcement and penalties have been becoming increasingly strict for decades, and today a DUI charge can be a truly life-altering event.

Facing even a basic, misdemeanor-level DUI charge without a strong defense attorney can expose you to many risks you may not fully appreciate — including long-term driver’s license suspension, a negative impact on your career and damage to your overall life prospects. Please contact us today for caring, personal attention from a trial-proven lawyer who will work hard to defend your rights and obtain the best possible outcome.

Explaining Consequences and Questioning Evidence

Maryland DUI law are tough and complex, and changes by the General Assembly enacted in late 2009 made it even more complex. Before you plead guilty or seek a license modification from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, or make other decisions about your DUI defense, it is important to talk to a lawyer who will:

  • Explain penalties you face for conviction on your specific “A” or “B” offense, including fines and costs, loss of your driver’s license and mandatory treatment or coursework
  • Thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your arrest to determine whether mistakes or injustices present a basis for excluding evidence or entering a not-guilty plea
  • Negotiate assertively for an outcome you can live with if the case against you is strong and conviction appears unavoidable

Baltimore-area attorney Timothy J. Mummert approaches “drunk or drugged driving” charges aggressively. We will analyze all factors in your case, from the legality of your traffic stop to breath test results and other procedures. For clients who believe they can benefit from counseling or rehabilitation, we offer referrals to quality resources and make certain prosecutors are aware of this proactive decision.

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Your top priorities after being arrested for drinking and driving may include avoiding jail time, fighting to maintain your driving privilege, and protecting your record from the stain of a conviction. Please contact us to explore viable DUI defense strategies relevant to your case, and to work with a proven trial lawyer who will go the distance on your behalf.

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