Child Custody Mediation

Working to Meet Your Child’s Needs in Glen Burnie, Maryland

If you are searching for an experienced mediator in Columbia, Baltimore, or Glen Burnie for child custody mediation, we can help. At the office of Timothy J. Mummert, PA, we understand that the needs of the child are key. As we work with our clients, we try to provide arrangements that will help him or her continue a relationship with both parents, since this is usually most beneficial to the child.

Through mediation we can help guide the parties to create a durable parenting plan. Including:

  • Legal custody
  • How to make decisions
  • Child access
  • Holiday Schedule, special days/birthday scheduling
  • Vacation Scheduling
  • Access to medical, educational information of the children
  • Shared custody arrangement
  • Out of state child/parent schedule

During the mediation process, we will act as an impartial third party to help resolve child disputes. Mediation allows the parents greater flexibility to decide how to parent their child instead of letting a complete stranger decide what is in the best interest of the child.

If you are in a situation where court litigation looks likely, the Court will almost always require you to mediate child custody, visitation, and child access issues before making a decision. The Court wants you and the other parent to decide how to raise your child. We are here to guide you through all issues, both large and small. For professional, personalized mediation help in Columbia, call us at (410) 766-1100.

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