Consumer Protection Law in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Mummert Law Firm is dedicated to protecting you, the consumer, from financial deceit, lending abuse and other matters related to consumer protection. Attorney Timothy Mummert is experienced in the intricacies of the federal and state laws designed to shield you from unscrupulous practices and is dedicated to standing up for your rights.

Maryland Consumer Protection Lawyer: Standing up for Your Rights

As a Maryland consumer protection lawyer, Attorney Timothy Mummert is familiar with the laws, acts and regulations that help ensure lenders and other companies remain honest and transparent. Some of the most notable include:

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA): This act helps protect you against abusive practices related to mortgage settlements. It does this by ensuring you receive thorough information about mortgage settlement costs while protecting you against high settlement charges that may be unwarranted and unnecessary.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: As an amendment to the Consumer Credit Protection Act, this act helps to ensure you are not subjected to abusive practices from debt collectors. These may include harassment, false or misleading representations, unwarranted legal actions, deception and other unfair practices.

Truth in Lending Act: This act protects you against unfair credit card and credit billing practices. It ensures lenders outline the cost of a loan so you may compare rates with other lenders. It also gives you a three-day opportunity to reconsider your loan decision and stop the loan process without financial loss.

Mummert Law Firm: Putting our Clients First

Not all disputes always fall neatly into one or more of the established laws, but Attorney Timothy Mummert may still be able to help. Mummert Law Firm can help protect you against state actions of misrepresentation, deceit and concealment. In bankruptcy court, we can file for violation of automatic stay, creditor abuse and adversarial proceedings to protect you.

Our clients come first and our protection of them comes strong. Please call us for more information or to schedule a consultation.


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