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Collaborative Practice: Divorce and Family Lawyer in Glen Burnie, Maryland

The end of a marriage or a relationship is difficult, painful, and tragic enough without losing one’s dignity. Often, the process of divorce requires dissolving a relationship that is intertwined with love, a home, disappointment, children, anger, retirement accounts, fear, credit cards, bank accounts, in-laws, and many other assets, liabilities, and relationships to be concerned with.

Upon telling others you are looking to end this relationship, they will tell you to get a good lawyer. In the past, that meant hiring a lawyer that will try to destroy your significant other. Today, that means hiring a lawyer with the training, skills, and empathy to find a solution that is best for both adults, the family, and the children.

At Timothy J. Mummert, P.A., we have experience helping our clients understand all of their options, including collaborative divorce. We understand that each of our clients has different goals regarding his or her divorce or other family law concern. While some clients may benefit from litigation, others may benefit from non-adversarial solution known as collaborative law.

What are the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce?

The collaborative divorce process is an efficient alternative dispute resolution where the process moves on the parties’ timetable, not the Judge’s timetable. When spouses and/or parents choose to go to Court, their situation becomes a number that must go through a process of scheduling conferences, pre-trial settlement conferences, and a hearing. These dates are set at the Court’s convenience, not at the parties’ convenience. When the spouses and/or parents choose collaborative resolution, they take control of the process. The spouses set the dates, times, and what issues will be considered at each meeting.

The process is a cost effective and efficient process compared to litigation. Attorneys in litigation must focus on discovery, trial preparation, and settlement. Each case has its own hurdles that create additional unexpected costs. In collaborative law, attorneys are focused on problem solving and seeking the best outcome for the family. The team can recommend multiple options, many that would not be available in Court.

The process begins rebuilding the relationship. For spouses with children, when the Court signs the Judgment of Divorce or the custody Order, their relationship does not end. The litigation process is not concerned about the future relationship of the spouses/parents. This often leads to many parents returning to Court multiple times. In the collaborative process, we are concerned about the future relationship. The team helps to rebuild the relationship.

The rebuilding begins with the signing of the Participation Agreement that pledges openness and mutual respect. In collaborative law, the process is transparent. That means the goal is not to hide information or lie to the other. The team will also help to assist you with communicating with your spouse/co-parent. Through the process, the two of you will gain the tools necessary to communicate in the future.

Who is Collaborative practice divorce and family process for?

  • Spouses going through divorce, or parents in a custody/visitation dispute, who want a civilized, respectful resolution of the issues.
  • Spouses and parents that would rather focus on a solution rather than on blame.
  • Spouses and parents that want to rebuild a working relationship with their ex after the resolution of the process.
  • Spouses and parents that will be co-parenting after the resolution of the process.
  • Spouses and parents that want to keep their children’s interest at the forefront.
  • Spouses and parents that want to keep control over how to raise their children, not how a Judge tells them to raise their children.
  • Spouses and parents that want to control how to handle their financial arrangements, not how a Judge tells them to handle their arrangements.
  • Spouses and parents that value their privacy.

If you are going through a divorce or a custody/visitation dispute, and are interested in a collaborative law approach, contact our firm today to discuss your options.

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