Guardianship, Custodian and Trustees

The selection of a Guardian, Trustee, or Custodian for your minor children is a serious legal matter that should be accomplished with help only from an experienced Maryland Guardian Attorney. In Glen Burnie and Columbia, MD, the Mummert Law Firm is ready to assist parents who peace of mind knowing that their minor children will be properly taken care of in the event they are unable to do so.

Guardianship through a Will

The number one concern of parents with minor children is who will raise their child if both parents pass. At the Mummert Law Firm, we assist parents in protecting their children future. We help parents name the guardian who will raise their child to adulthood. By putting this simple provision which is often missed in many Wills, you will have the peace of mind to know that your kids will be raised and cared for by the person of your choosing instead of a Judge’s choosing. Call Mummert Law Firm today to schedule a consultation so that you can make the decision of will raise your children.

Custodian through a Will

If a child is a minor at the time of your passing, he/she is not allowed to hold property. This custodian can be a different person than the guardian of the children. The custodian will be able to hold the property or administer while the child is under 21 years old. By having a Will and naming the custodian of the property of your children, you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that you selected the right person to care for your child’s financial well being. Call Mummert Law Firm today to schedule a consultation so that you can make the decision of will raise your children.

Trustee through a Will

Many parents want to name a Trustee to hold the property of their children. A Testamentary Trust will provided directives to the Trustee how to administer the child’s property for his/her care and well being. The Trustee can also hold and distribute the property after the child reaches 21 years old. By selecting a Trustee, you will provide financial security to help raise your child into adulthood. Call Mummert Law Firm today to make sure your Trust protects and raises your children correctly.

Mummert Law Firm

With our vast background in Family and Estate Law, and our experience working with parents to establish care plans for minor children, attorneys at the Mummert Law Firm can help you with such important care decisions. If you pass away without a Will or Trust, your estate, including care of children and their inheritance, will pass along into Probate. Judges that you never met will make the decision on who will administer your estate, and worse, who will raise your children and who will spend their inheritance.

Attorney Timothy Mummert

Maryland Guardian Attorney Timothy Mummert believes this is too delicate a matter to leave to chance. If you have children, you need to plan now for any unexpected occurrence that might prevent you from caring for your minor children. If you die or are incapacitated, you will need to name someone to be your children’s Guardian, Trustee or Custodian until they reach the age of majority and can handle their own affairs.

Maryland Guardian Attorney

Putting our clients first includes putting the best interests of their children first as well. A parent can have peace of mind knowing that, should anything unforeseen happen to prevent them from raising their child, their minor child will be well taken care of, according to the parent’s wishes. This can only happen if there are legally valid documents drafted and filed. For this, you must have the help of an experienced Maryland Guardian Attorney for best results you can count on.

We are known for our honesty, integrity and straightforward answers to clients. We work closely with clients from Anne Arundel County and Howard County to help protect them and their families. We provide individualized attention to every client and enjoy helping solve their legal matters. For your consultation with Attorney Timothy Mummert, contact the Mummert Law Firm today, at (410) 766-1100.

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