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Job cuts and company closings, plunging home values, tightening credit, and many other factors have put all kinds of people in an extremely difficult financial position. Juggling bills and selling assets in the attempt to stay afloat is simply not a long-term solution.

For millions of Americans each year, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the best way to return to stability and start building again. It is not for everyone, but it may be right for you. For a consultation with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Glen Burnie prepared to thoroughly evaluate your financial situation and explain all legal options, please call 410-609-6715 or e-mail us today.

Offering Sound Legal Counsel and Action to Put Families Back on Track

At Timothy J. Mummert, P.A., we understand that filing Chapter 7 — or an alternative type of bankruptcy such as Chapter 13 if circumstances dictate — is a huge decision. This is why we offer personalized counsel far beyond what you might receive at a larger firm. You can ask Timothy J. Mummert all your critical questions and expect straightforward, legally sound answers.

We offer caring and constructive bankruptcy services to people across the cultural spectrum in the greater Baltimore area, including Anne Arundel County and Howard County. Our Chapter 7 bankruptcy services include:

Stop Wage Garnishments

Experienced Columbia, Maryland, Chapter 7 Lawyer Getting constant phone calls, letters and e-mails from creditors, threatening to garnish your wages is stressful and unsettling. One of the greatest benefits of filing for bankruptcy, aside from discharging debt, is the ability to stop wage garnishments and wage liens. As soon as a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is filed,…

What Property You Can Keep In Chapter 7

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do a lot to get your life back in order – eliminating most if not all of your debts and leaving you free to move on with your life as you see fit. However, the process is not without costs. Knowing what you can keep in Chapter 7 and what…

Remove judgment liens from property

Creditors are in the business to get the money they are owed. They don’t care what your financial situation is. They simply want their money. Sometimes this means they will place a lien against your wages or tangible property, like your home. When a judgment lean is against your house, you need a way out….

Debts that can be discharged

Many consumers in Maryland seek relief from unmanageable debts by declaring Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. This is the primary solution that will discharge most unsecured debts, although some types of debt may be not forgiven under this plan. Lawyers at the Mummert Law Firm will work closely with you to determine if filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy…

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

If you are plagued by creditors about old debt, it is important to understand that declaring bankruptcy is not your only option. There are alternatives to bankruptcy worth consideration, but you still should seek advice from a qualified Maryland Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer at the Mummert Law Firm before taking any action. Mummert Law Firm…

Honest Counsel on the Advantages and Risks of Consumer Bankruptcy

We take care to explain exactly what Chapter 7 bankruptcy can and cannot do for you. Our approach to helping clients get real debt relief involves:

  • Gaining a full understanding of your personal debt load, assets you want to protect and the sources of the problem, such as an unfavorable mortgage that may have you facing home foreclosure — or simply being forced to rely on credit cards to keep up with living expenses
  • Carefully assessing whether you meet income guidelines through the means test and other requirements for filing Chapter 7 “liquidation” bankruptcy
  • Considering alternatives to bankruptcy such as negotiation of a mortgage refinance, short sale, or other solution
  • Providing honest, dependable information on what you can protect — assets often including your primary home, a vehicle and qualified retirement accounts as well as stopping wage garnishments — and what you can expect after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing

Discreet Guidance Without Judgment or Risk

We take pride in being a valued legal resource for people of all backgrounds and occupations throughout the greater Baltimore, Maryland, area and beyond, including Anne Arundel County and Howard County. If you are struggling with an unmanageable personal or business debt load, please contact us today to speak to our knowledgeable Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.

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