What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce is often thought of as being a highly contentious process, but it doesn’t have to be this way. For many couples, collaborative divorce is a viable option for ending a marriage in a non-antagonistic manner. If you’ve considered undergoing divorce mediation near Baltimore , then you already have a good idea of what collaborative divorce entails. In mediation, couples meet with a neutral third-party mediator to work out issues and come to mutually agreeable solutions. However, an attorney typically isn’t present during mediation.

Collaborative divorce essentially combines the best of both worlds. It allows for alternative dispute resolution with the added benefit of continuous legal counsel. When the collaborative law process begins, the attorneys for both parties sign a legal agreement that states they will not serve as the parties’ counsel during litigation, in the event that collaboration fails. Then, the parties discuss their options and goals knowing that the attorneys assisting them are focused on the parties reaching a settlement. In addition to having the lawyers present, the parties may utilize the services of mental health professional as a coach or a financial planner.. Any agreements the parties arrive at are recognized by the court.

Divorce Mediation Near Baltimore