What Issues May Require Post-Divorce Modifications?

Not all matters resolved by a court order may be modifiable. However, if your circumstances have changed and you believe a post-divorce modification is called for, it’s best to contact an attorney in Baltimore as soon as possible. Your lawyer could help you seek a change in child support, for example. If you’re receiving child support payments, you may need to ask for an increase in payments if your child develops a serious illness or otherwise requires significant care. If you’re paying child support, mediation may be called for to lower the payments if you’re dealing with job loss or other substantial changes in circumstance.

Mediation for post-divorce modification could also address needed changes in alimony, or spousal support. If the Court awarded you alimony or ordered you to pay alimony, your alimony is subject to modification. If you entered into a written agreement for alimony, which was non-modifiable, you may still be able to modify your alimony if the other party is willing to agree. For example, if a payor has lost a job, the receiving spouse may agree to temporary reduction in exchange that the alimony will be paid later. The reason he or she may do this is to avoid the unnecessary emotional and financial costs of litigation.

Talk to an attorney about mediation services if you have reason to believe that the child custody arrangement ought to be modified. For instance, if you are currently the non-custodial parent, you might request custody of the child if the other parent is engaging in substance abuse, has been arrested, or has been neglecting the child. You may also wish to revisit the parenting plan and custodial arrangements due to the age of the child, the distance between the parents’ residences, and the need of co-parenting for help related to the extra-curricular activities of the child.

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