Estate Planning for Domestic Partners

For couples who choose domestic partnerships over marriage, protecting legal rights is essential. While married couples enjoy certain privileges under the law, domestic partners are not always afforded the same rights. By working with an estate lawyer in Baltimore with experience with domestic partnerships, you can make plans for your estate and feel confident that your loved ones will be protected after your death.

For domestic partners, the law does not assume that your surviving partner is your intended heir in the same way it does for married couples. This distinction could cause issues for your estate in the probate process, as well as uncomfortable family disputes. By drawing up estate planning documents, you can ensure your estate is administered as you intend. With the help of an estate lawyer, you and your partner can draw up individual wills and various trusts to make your final intentions clear. It is also possible to create trusts that benefit your partner while maintaining your privacy. Consult with an estate lawyer to determine the best estate planning procedures for your specific case.

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